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Talk:The Brave One

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She gets ripped of so bad on the gun purchase. She pays a $1000 for a $300 gun. - Gunmaster45

Maybe it is a unmarked and untracable gun (No serial No.'s)-S&Wshooter
The 10 minutes it takes to file off the serial numbers is worth $700? Not likely. - Gunmaster45
The price is probably high because of the risk involved in selling guns illegally. $1000 for the seller's risking 10 years in prison. -Anonymous
But it is an illegal, untraceable purchase and she is bypassing the paperwork. She is paying for discretion and convenience (no waiting, no questions asked), NOT bluebook value. Street hoods USUALLY pay less than blue book value for obviously stolen guns. She has to pay $1000 because she is in that idiotland known as NEW YORK, which makes it nearly impossible for people (in NYC) to legally get guns anyway. Besides, in order to pay fair BLUE BOOK value, she needs to go through an FFL. If you were to whack a bunch of people, you certainly don't do it with ANY gun that has a paper trail ... to YOU. People will pay a premium for convenience. Which is why you pay $4.75 for a Coke in Disneyworld and don't leave the park and buy it at a Supermarket down the road. MoviePropMaster2008 02:56, 17 July 2009 (UTC)
It's funny how dumb the sellers are though, since they thumb loaded the rounds into the magazine and left partial prints on the shell casings that were JUST smudged enough to not ID. That could lead the gun back to them, so they obviously weren't thinking straight. And I remember paying $5 for a bottle of Pepsi at Seaworld, so I know what you mean. Supply and demand. - Gunmaster45
I wasn't talking about filing off the serial No.-S&Wshooter 19:51, 16 August 2009 (UTC)